GBPJPY – hitting 800 on 1 hour, divergent trade watch 1AUG08 – CLOSED ITM

GBPJPY – Friday 1AUG08:- my last trade on this pair closed out Friday morning when it hit the 800 SMA on the 1 hour.  This pair has bounced off the 800 twice recently.  This is a heads up to start looking for Divergent trade setups.  Nothing currently, but watch the pair as the week opens to see if we get any good setups.

UPDATE Tuesday 5AUG08:  I took two trades off this setup. The first was a quick SR trade Sunday night.  Pair was in a range between the 800 and about 30 PIPS below.  I took a quick trade on a downward movement that closed overnight for a gain of about 30 PIPS.  Monday night, the pair broke the long term SR level and the 800.  Entered on a bearish candle that closed below the 800.   I had 2 short positions on that were not doing much before the 12:00 a.m. rollover.  I felt strong about the overall trade, but due to the FED data coming out Tuesday I did not want to risk a fast spike up/down in anticipation so I took off one position.  I ended up +98 PIPS in the a.m. when I woke up.  Dissapointed I lightened the position, but I slept much better.  I have learned the hard way it is more important to give up some potential PIPS to protect your account balance.

 Friday 1 AUG close                                Tuesday 5AUG08 – completed trade movement

GBPJPY_800_ 1HR_1AUG08                                  GBPJPY Surprise Box 5AUG08

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