Trade Watchlist

 Watchlist Updated Sunday Feb 8th 2009

GBPUSD – daily broke above channel, close to 62.  Long if strong above 62, short if starts downward to top of old channel.

EURUSD – daily Ramora trade showing, but wick on Friday = concern.  Wait and see for open, similar to GBPUSD

NZDUSD – daily Bullish sentiment, but may retest down to .4800.  Careful.

EURCHF (Jim) – daily if hits 1.5010 will short down to at least .4950 target, maybe more

GBPJPY – daily watch for bounce off 62 on daily

Watchlist Last Updated: Monday 19JAN09 17:30 est

  • EURCAD Surprise Squeeze 19JAN09  – close to breaking short on 60M and also Squeeze box set up on 4 hour
  • USDCHF – 60M Mesa trade long possibly setting up, also watch for pullback to 800/62 one more time (almost in Tucson Phase)
  • NZDUSD – 60M Mesa trade short if closes below current level. at .5350 
  • GBPJPY – 60M Mesa trade short if closes below 130.19
  • GBPUSD – 60M Mesa trade short below current Pivot at 1.335 OR retrace back to upper Pivot at 1.4621
  • USDJPY – 60M Squeeze box currently set up

 Watchlist Last Updated: Tuesday 18:00 EST (Asian Session start)

  • EURGBP – Possible short to top of old channel. Want a break of short term uptrend line before entering.
  • GBPUSD – Upside head and shoulder on daily. Hidden Bearish divergent. Lower lows on price, higher highs on MACD on daily.
  • GBPJPY – at 24 year lows. 4 hour, Triffany is short at break below 130.01 Probing trade.
  • EURJPY – if story about risk, could go short again. Expect to range, hitting significant support level. Market would need very scary risk based reason to blow through support. Risky now, Triffany is not trading it
  • AUDUSD – Looking for entry for Daily GAP / 2-trendy trade (see trade idea)
  • AUDUSD – 1HR, MACD Divergent setting up, back up to 62 or 200 (then prepare to go short for GAP trade)
  • GBPCHF – biased towards short side. Narrow channel. If breaks below 1.6189 would be a good short entry. Slight divergence for long side with a small profit target. Triffany is in trade short. Could be a Squeeze box setting up also. Daily chart shows ready to break support as well for short trade.
  • USDCHF – Double top on 4 hour. If closes below trendline and 1.1100 area, reasonable target to scale up/down towards would be even number at 0.900 and then leave some on if candles look good and go towards bottom at 1.0500 area. MA’s coming together, price consolidating, could be a surprose box forming as well.
  • AUDJPY – could make a plan for flagstaff (bullish candle out of oversold, targetting to bottom of old S/R below 800 or trend could resume. Careful on this pair. Could also be a Mesa trade short. Begining of upward trend on daily, but TL has been broken short today.

Watchlist Last Updated: Tuesday January 13th, 2009  01:06a EST

  • AUDUSD – Daily Gap / 2-trendy trade short
  • AUDUSD – 1HR, MACD Divergent setting up, back up to 62 or 200 (then prepare to go short for GAP trade)
  • GBPJPY – Oversold 1HR
  • EURUSD – Squeeze Box 1HR, 4HR and 5min. (broke out of squeeze box, caught some but going flat due to danger time between 1a and 3a.  Look for another entry in morning.
  • GBPUSD – consolidated on 200 SMA Pivot S1 @ 1.4728 (1HR) watch for break down or resuming trend upward
  • EURJPY – Divergent (Pervergent) – possible trip back up to 800 on 1HR or 5min Tombstone (Flagstaff 1HR)
  • EURCAD – 1HR/4HR Surprise Box

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